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Move in Passion


In order for a person’s path to be revealed, it must be fueled by passion or in other words—SPARK. Passion for zest, passion for life, passion for what drives you to do what you love each and every day. The creative spark that resides within you will only begin to manifest into your day to day activities when you lean into your personal power.

Curiosity peaks interest

Interest reveals passion

Passion ignites your path

Walk your path to find your purpose

Passion is what drives people to create what they love—to heal who they can—to wake up and kick ass every single day. When you have hard days (because some days are just tougher than others) you can run on passion alone. It’s a simple reminder that the part of you that lights up when you’re doing what you love, will forever be enough to keep you on your path to finding your purpose in life. Never dim your light

for anyone. Never put what you love on the back burner; bring your passion for things to the forefront of everything you do. Wake up each day and ask yourself, “Did I do everything I could today to bring me one step closer to finding my purpose?” If the answer is no, re-evaluate the current path you’re on and try again tomorrow.

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