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Skin Soother—4oz

Skin Soother—4oz

The Skin Soother balm is a nourishing blend of calendula and lavender infused in cold-pressed organic olive oil, whipped beef tallow, and raw shea butter. The herbs are sourced from a local certified organic farm and the beef tallow is hand rendered from 100% grass-fed cows. The balm is safe for babies and suitable for all ages and skin types, providing soothing benefits for dry skin, diaper rash, bedtime, and eczema. The beef tallow contains nourishing fats that absorb into the skin rather than sitting on top. Overall, the balm aims to encourage tissue healing and may help reduce potential scarring.

The ingredients include organic herbs of calendula and lavender, 100% grass-fed beef tallow, cold-pressed organic olive oil, and raw shea butter.

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